‘The Best System of Trenches in Australia’

‘The Best System of Trenches in Australia’

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History book by Mark Butz (postage and handling included).



History under your feet

This is the story of one of the most surprising finds in the history of Canberra – a World War I trench system, within sight of Parliament House.

Through 1916-17, hundreds of Army officers and senior NCOs from across the country participated in the Trench Warfare and Bombing School at Duntroon, where a model trench system enabled practical demonstration of new technologies and ‘scientific warfare’ that were then in use at the Western Front.

The Governor-General at the time described it as ‘The best system of trenches in Australia’, and this previously untold story explains why it certainly was not the only instructional trench system in the nation and why it was indeed ‘the best’.

Released for Remembrance Day 2017, this publication marks the centenary of the Duntroon instructional trench system, describing how a long‑forgotten place has come to be recognised as an important part of the heritage of the nation and its capital.